Recognize The Good Days When You Have Them

Dear Diary,

I just love when I reflect on my day and I just realized I have a overall great day. Yes, work was hectic but it can be worse. I always have a blast with my coworkers, their fucking hilarious and I thank God that I was able to find amazing coworkers and supervisors after years of mistreatment and racism in the work place.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and grabbed the Gabrielle Union book, haven’t been able to put it down since. It’s amazing! I use to think that she had a stank personality, thought she was better from everybody, but through reading her book I’ve realized that she went through a lot in her life and she is just trying to survive. I’m not done with it yet and I already have 3 people asking to borrow it when I’m donešŸ˜­.

I asked a coworker of mine to be my trainer because she’s is literally a fitness fanatic and health nut. I’m hoping that working with her and having her help me get fit will make me more accountable and get me on the right path until I can be consistent myself. I mean having to see her every day would make me do the right shit because I don’t want to hear her mouth lol.

I’m planning a girls night with my friends on Monday, Martin Luther King Day. There are two options. One is to chill at a friends apartment, playing games, and drinking. Two is to go out, bowling or go karts, and have fun.

Today, I took the necessary steps to get started on three of my goals. (Listen to my podcast, Episode #4 Live Your Best Life Sis to hear my plans for 2018. You can find it here.) Work was good and I had fun. Now I’m going to get lit with my friend.

xoxo -K


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